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Zetland Fiduciary Group was established in 1987. The group is headquartered in Hong Kong with offices around the world. Zetland Fiduciary Group is a business consultancy offering personal service and professional advice with total confidentiality.

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Zetland Tax Advisors Limited specialises in tax compliance and advisory services.

Ongoing reforms in the global tax regulatory environment and improvement in the tax collection ability by the revenue authorities have exposed corporations and individuals to regulatory scrunity across the jurisdictions in which they operate and carry out their businesses and works.

Tax compliance requirements have become not only a compliance issue but a business risk that could materially impact on the responsibilities of directors and the returns to shareholders.

We provide overall tax planning on the business structure and cross border issues. We plan from stretch to exit strategies to increase the certainty in doing business globally. In providing our tax compliance and advisory services, we offer personal attention to clients. From strategic planning and re-structure to international tax planning for global competitive advantage, we provide a range of services to support and service our clients.

What we do

At Zetland Tax, our aim is to provide our clients with one-stop services, including your corporate and individual tax filings needs, your international tax planning and cross-border transactions considerations.

Our professional and dedicated team is focused on providing clients with specialist services across the core areas of tax compliance, transaction support and tax efficiency management and advisory on Hong Kong, USA, United Kingdom, Australia, China and Singapore tax matters.

We provide a comprehensive range of services from the completion of corporate tax returns to complex consultancy assignments and strategic tax planning. We also prepare property tax returns and sole trader accounts.

  • strategic advice on global tax planning to multinational activities
  • reorganisations and reconstructions
  • planning advice for the owner managed business
  • corporate and general tax advice
  • methods of profit extraction, including dividend policy
  • competent authority negotiations
  • tax planning strategy
  • advice on source of income

We offer extensive assistance in relation to our clients’ needs to file their individual tax returns. In addition, we also offer assistance on time apportionment claims for expatriates, as well as liaising with the tax offices on their enquiries.

We offer professional Hong Kong visa and immigration services for all types of Hong Kong visa of individuals and expatriates. Employers in Hong Kong are obliged to file annual returns of salaries and commissions paid and also notify the authorities when an employee is about to leave the territory. Our services include:

  • tax returns filings
  • tax planning and advisory services
  • tax equalization planning for expatriates
  • stock option advisory service

We can supply administrative help or full payroll systems through our sister company Gemini Personnel Limited.

Zetland Tax understands the tax implications of working in a global economy. We give international tax advice to a wide range of clients around the globe - from individuals, owner-managed businesses to listed companies. We have international tax structures for global completive advantage that are tailor made for the specific client's strategic plan.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong adopts a territorial source principle of taxation. Only income or profits which have a source in Hong Kong are taxable. The principle itself is very clear but its application in particular cases can be, at times, contentious.

The Hong Kong Inland Revenue Ordinance provides for the levying of three separate direct taxes for a year of assessment which ends on 31 March. The taxes are Profits Tax, Salaries Tax and Property Tax.

Profits Tax

Any persons, including corporations, partnerships, trustees and individuals carrying on any trade, profession or business in Hong Kong are chargeable to tax on all profits arising in or derived from Hong Kong from such trade, profession or business. The questions of whether a business is carried on in Hong Kong and whether profits are derived from Hong Kong are largely questions of fact.

Salaries Tax

This tax is imposed on all income arising in or derived from Hong Kong from an office, employment or pension. In deciding whether income “arises in or is derived from Hong Kong”, it is necessary to establish where the employment, i.e. the source of income, is located.

Property Tax

Property Tax is charged on the owners of land and/ or buildings in Hong Kong and is computed at the standard rate on the net assessable value of the property.

Except direct taxes, there are certain miscellaneous levies in Hong Kong, including stamp duty, betting duty, business registration. In addition to that, issues to be concerned may include anti-avoidance regulations and benefits and costs of obtaining advance ruling, etc.

If you have any concerns on your Hong Kong tax filings or tax planning strategies, please talk to our professional team.

United States Of America

The United States of America is a federal republic with autonomous states and local governments. Taxes are imposed in the United States at each of these levels. These include taxes on income, property, sales, capital gains, estates and gifts, as well as various fees. Taxes are imposed on net income of individuals and business entities by the federal, most states, and some local governments. Citizens and residents are taxed on worldwide income and allowed a credit for foreign taxes. Income subject to tax is determined under tax accounting rules, not financial accounting principles, but includes almost all income from whatever sources. Most business expenses reduce taxable income, though limits apply to a few expenses. Individuals are permitted to reduce taxable income by personal allowances and certain nonbusiness expenses, including home mortgage interest, state and local taxes, charitable contributions, and medical and certain other expenses incurred above certain percentages of income. State rules for determining taxable income often differ from federal rules. Federal tax rates vary from 10% to 39.6% of taxable income. State and local tax rates vary widely by jurisdiction, from 0% to 13.30% of income, and many are graduated. State taxes are generally treated as a deductible expense for federal tax computation.

At Zetland Tax, we offer an extensive range of compliance and advisory services. We help our clients (as individual or as corporate entity) achieve tax efficiency in their US inbound and outbound operations on transactions involving the US. We provide practical tax advice on establishing new ventures, structuring overseas transactions, and maintaining compliance with tax regulations. Our US tax professionals can also assist clients in building global competitive advantage through tax-effective structuring of their international business operations.

United Kingdom

With the ever increasing complexity of taxation in the United Kingdom and the penalties for non-compliance, individuals are increasingly affected by taxation on earnings and investments.

At Zetland Tax, our services ensure that you understand both your tax obligations and the options you have for future change.

For businesses, we can take care of the administration of complying with tax legislation, including preparing and submitting your corporation tax Self Assessment returns. Self Assessment tax returns are also increasingly being requested from individuals who are working overseas but have a reporting obligation in the UK because of their respective circumstances. We can help preparing your Self Assessment tax returns, including all relevant income such as any business profits or rental revenues. We can determine the information required to accurately complete the tax return, including computing capital gains and inheritance tax liabilities where appropriate.

Our expertise in the areas of both business and personal taxation issues enables us to provide our clients with valuable tax advice.

Corporate & business tax will represent a substantial cost to any profitable business, not only in terms of the tax itself but also in compliance with reporting obligations, investigations with tax authorities and penalties for non-compliance. Our tax advice can help you to minimize your corporation tax payments and relieve you of any administrative burden of complying with tax legislation.

Our advice would also be beneficial for individuals. Whether you have a straightforward query, or have a complex investment portfolio, we can provide you with tax advice to minimize your tax liability and maximize your returns.


The Australian tax system is one of the most sophisticated in the world. Upcoming investment trends are involving more moves into and out of Australia.

You may be interested to know about the investment planning strategy if you would like to do investments in Australia, and the tax saving plans if you are an Australian citizen coming to work or invest in the Asia Pacific region. With our expertise, we are able to fulfill your needs to file the proper tax returns in Australia and minimize the tax exposure.

People's Republic Of China

China is one of the biggest markets in the world and is attracting more and more global investors into the China market. In order to run the business in a most cost efficient way, it is necessary for the foreign investors to understand all the potential relevant tax costs that would be incurred in China before making an investment decision. In addition, different type of investment activities will trigger different types of taxes.

Individuals contemplating employment in China need to be aware of the complexity of the tax system and the opportunities to reduce tax costs.

Zetland Tax, through our local office in Shanghai, will be able to assist you with meeting your compliance needs in the PRC and also to advise your investment structures so as to achieve tax efficiency.


Investors turn to Singapore for establishing their operations for several reasons. The ease of setting up and operating businesses is a prime motivator. Another central determinant is Singapore’s tax regime – well-known for its attractive corporate and personal tax rates, tax relief measures, absence of capital gains tax, one-tier tax system, and extensive double tax treaties.

Persons, including corporations, partnerships, trustees and bodies of persons carrying on any trade, profession or business in Singapore are chargeable to tax on all profits (excluding profits arising from the sale of capital assets) arising in or derived from Singapore and certain foreign-sourced income from such trade, profession or business.

Zetland Tax, through our local office in Singapore, is able to assist you with your questions regarding your tax obligations in Singapore and fulfilling your tax compliance needs.

Our Fees

At Zetland Tax, we believe in a fair and transparent fee structure at standard rates rather than percentage based fees. Thus, keeping our professional services price competitive.

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Our Team

Dominik Stuiber

Dominik Stuiber

Director and Zetland Group General Manager

Dominik received his Bachelor of Laws degree, with specialization in Business Law, from Nuertingen-Geislingen University in Germany. Shortly after, in 2008, he moved to Hong Kong to establish his career in the Corporate Services field.

He pursued further studies and received his post-graduate ICA International Diploma in Governance, Risk and Compliance, SFC Qualifying Certificates in Corporate Finance and Asset Management, HKIB Advanced Certificate on AML/CFT, CIArb Certificate in International Arbitration (Associate Route), and WIPO Certificate on Intellectual Property.

Dominik has been based in Hong Kong and Singapore and has worked with various corporate services firms mainly assisting international businesses establish presence in Asia. More recently, he has headed and managed a corporate services subsidiary of a large Hong Kong real estate firm. His professional experience, among others, includes 5 years with Zetland as Marketing Manager and Associate Director before his current position as its Director and Group General Manager.


Kenneth Au

Tax Managing Director

Kenneth Au is a senior tax professional with more than 20 years’ experience. He is now the Tax Director of Zetland Tax Advisors Limited in charge of the tax and accounting department.

Kenneth leads a fully integrated team of Hong Kong, UK, US and China tax professionals, providing an extensive range of services to corporate clients and high net worth individuals. He has maintained seamless working relationship, smooth communication and strong connections with clients and overseas member firms to ensure that the team tackles the on-going challenges of the global market.

After graduation from Macquarie University in Australia, Kenneth started his career as an auditor in a local CPA firm and then join one of the big 4 firms. Specializing in Hong Kong and China tax including a broad range of commercial and taxation issues such as Cross-border Tax Planning, Merges and Acquisition, Transfer Pricing, Tax Compliance, Pre-IPO restructuring and planning, etc., his clients range from SMEs to listed companies and multinational companies; expatriates to high net worth individuals.

In the last ten years before joining Zetland, Kenneth was an in house tax leader in a US listed company manufacturing LED components. He is full of exposure of both professional and commercial experience.


Kevin Lei

Tax Supervisor

Kevin Lei is an experienced tax consultant specialized in serving and advising on the tax compliance needs of UK expatriates and companies. He is now also expanding his horizon to Australia tax compliance and advisory assistance to our clients.

Kevin was educated in Australia. Kevin is a full member of CPA Australia and has a Master Degree of Business (major in Finance).

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